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REACH YOUR POTENTIAL: The surprising truth of how ordinary people create extraordinary success

AUDIENCE: Sales professionals, franchisees, entrepreneurs, realtors, employees, executives, managers, students, success seekers, personal development enthusiasts, aspiring entrepreneurs

Having interviewed hundreds of successful people--entrepreneurs, millionaires, Olympians, cancer survivors, sales people, managers, spiritual advisors, counselors, politicians, recovering addicts, and more--and written about it (21 Questions for 21 Millionaires), Brandon has unique insight about what makes people successful. 

Through the interviews, he's learned about individuals' successes, failures, regrets, and wishes. He's learned about how high performing people show up consistently to accomplish great things, keep moving forward in the face of adversity, and find happiness on the journey. Their stories all have something in common and it's probably not what you think.

This keynote/training is customized for your specific environment.

For audiences who want to:

  • Implement the 5 success factors high performing individuals share

  • Understand how to reach their potential

  • Bring their best self to work every day

  • Learn how to balance personal and professional demands

  • Overcome adversity - learn how to fail beautifully to drive them forward

  • Live life with energy, purpose, and passion, despite adversity and setbacks

Results: Increased happiness and contribution in life & work; stronger relationships; living on purpose.

What's the impact of someone living their life on purpose with the intent to make a difference?

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SALES 201: How to crush quota; build stronger, longer lasting relationships; and do it with ease

AUDIENCE: Sales leaders, sales professionals, entrepreneurs, realtors, franchisees, customer service representatives

Get a leg up on your competition. Learn from the latest research and best practices what top sales professionals are doing TODAY to win more business. Having trained thousands of sales people from hundreds of organizations, Brandon has seen where most organizations fall short and how you can avoid those mistakes.

Forget the 1970's approach of ABC and every other “technique” (including the puppy dog close) that you’ve ever been taught. It's time to really partner with customers and clients to reach new heights.

This keynote/training is customized for your specific environment.

For audiences who want to:

  • Win more business

  • Create stronger, longer lasting customer relationships

  • Provide value in every sales interaction

  • Serve as a Trusted Advisor who consistently gets called for repeat and referral business

  • Use time more effectively

Results: Increased sales, more business, less stress.

What would increased sales, more customers, and a motivated workforce do for your business? Get real world ROI.

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RECOGNIZING BULLIES: Learn how to stop walking on eggshells

AUDIENCE: HR professionals, executives, managers, employees, church groups, HOA boards, organizations aimed at ending abuse.

Are you tired of being mistreated? Do you all know so-and-so is a bully but can’t seem to effectively address it? Does the bully perform well enough to not get fired but makes your life hell? Are you living with someone whose behavior is unpredictable and you find yourself walking on eggshells to not set them off?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to stop working around the bully and start doing those things that will end the behavior and restore your sanity.

This keynote/training is customized for the specific environment in which your bully is operating.

Do you want your audience to:

  • Recognize the signs of a bully

  • Understand why appeasement of the bully NEVER works

  • Protect themselves from abusive behavior

  • Effectively deal with the bully while being kind, honest, reasonable, and professional

  • Live life without fear, worry, or concern of how the bully will react

Results: Stop the madness of abusive behavior, regain self-esteem, and create a new dynamic.

What's the impact of not letting a workplace or domestic bully negatively affect your life?

"Hands down the best speaker because you made it relevant."

Heather Blackburn, Sunbelt Rentals

"I have never seen someone so passionate, knowledgeable, and interactive. VERY IMPRESSIVE.”


“Brandon was nothing short of amazing. I talked with numerous colleagues and it was unanimous that Brandon was the best speaker we ever had.”
— Participant, Fortune 500 Company
“God has gifted you with some amazing talents!”
— Raquel M, RAI
“Passionate and great presenter.”
— Participant, EFY (BYU)
“You are a gifted teacher...I would have assumed you were [an internal employee]!”
— Marshall M, Session Director
“..incredible speaker. Very dynamic...really very engaging.”
— Ann B., Program Host
What can be improved?
”Hire more Brandons.”
— Participant
“I don’t meet many people who impress me. You really do.”
— An initially skeptical Avaya employee

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"I want to thank you for your motivation today.

I always try to live positively and pass that on to others and you do a fantastic job living it.

I can tell you do care about what you speak on and improving people's performance in many areas!"

Eric, California Casualty