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Jeffrey Hill, Extraordinary Entrepreneur

Jeffrey Hill, Extraordinary Entrepreneur

One of the fascinating and successful entrepreneurs interviewed for my book 21 Questions for 21 Millionaires, Jeffrey Hill, proved to be as sharp as he is intriguing.

When you’re talking to Jeffrey, you better keep up. He knows what he wants, has vision, and moves straight toward it. I think you’ll enjoy reading about his business successes and the interesting man behind them.

Stay in Your Own Business

Do critics reach their full potential? Do they enjoy happiness and success in life?

"Here's what I've been wondering as of late. Does all this wretched criticism about everyone and everything do anything to make us happier human beings? Or do we instead get a quick hit of self-righteous pleasure and then go out looking for our next fix." Dayna Williams 

Is There a Success Formula?

So much of the information out there today for self improvement and business growth is focused on the steps you need to take to succeed, the mindset you need to have, or the path you need to take.

If each of these promised panaceas really worked, why would we need all of them? If Bob's 12 Steps To Make You Rich really worked, why does Larry have the "5 Step Wealth Building System" and Mary has the "7 Secrets of Millionaires"? Each system contradicts the others since Bob's information is different than Larry's and Mary's, with the exception of the tired recycled platitudes that almost every motivational speaker is sure to include. 

In other words, the promised path to success, the guaranteed system, the definitive guide, and the surefire way to succeed DOESN'T exist! There are certain principles that are consistent in success, yet there are other factors. If you don't account for those factors, you will constantly be searching for your path and never find it. 

Do You Need Goals to Succeed?

In looking at the numbers, there's a clear pattern. Only 3 out of the 21 entrepreneurial millionaires I interviewed had written goals. But wait, haven't you heard a goal not written down is only a dream? And that those without goals lack direction? What about knowing where you're going?

Hey folks, I can only tell you what I know from my years of research about goals, which matches the conventional wisdom that you need to have them, and what I know from interviewing successful people, which is that ONLY 3 out of 21 millionaires had goals while building their businesses. So what about the rest of them? Watch this video to find out.