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While other books try to sell you using cheap promises of quick fame and fortune, this book gives examples of real people applying true and tried principles that anyone can use to improve their situation in life.

In this book, you read about 21 different recipes for success and take from each story what will work for you. I was skeptical [but] found many things in these interviews to be helpful and insightful and which could be easily applied to aspects of my own career and life.

This book gives real life examples that I could relate to. Highly recommended.”
— Dr. Aaron Blackham, Amazon review
“My copy arrived in the mail last Friday, and I didn’t put the book down until finishing it on Sunday. Having read just about every book on how to be successful, it was refreshing to read something with a different perspective.

Brandon Pipkin’s approach is straightforward and honest, but also insightful and inspiring.

Great read - I strongly recommend it.”
— Michael Kuehn, VP Clinic Service
“This book takes a different approach and throws out what the so called “experts” have to say about becoming accomplished. Their stories are inspiring. Their experiences are tremendous. Their discipline made them successful. More than anything, their life experiences give you the motivation that an ordinary person as myself can have extraordinary success. This book gives you hope and desire to be a better person.”
— Erik Templin, VP Hays Companies


Read these millionaires' stories and discover how they went from ordinary to extraordinary despite challenges, setbacks, and major adversity and how you can do the same.

“I read [this] book while researching my own book and I was pleasantly surprised. Most books about millionaires or being a millionaire have nothing useful. It is a good read and I do highly recommend the book.”
— Michael L.F. Slavin, Author, "One Million in the Bank"
“Great perspective and an excellent read! The author got it right with this where so many others miss it. This just drives home the notion that success can come to anyone. We are all different but anyone can do it. If you want to find out, I highly recommend reading it and passing it on to friends.”
— Amazon review
“I wasn’t keen to [read this book], but Brandon’s writing style drew me in. I’m fascinated by what makes us tick and why we make the choices or follow the paths we do. This book is relatable, insightful and by the end of it I found it, unexpectedly, very encouraging. Taking a career leap myself, Brandon’s book has given me faith...”
— Elly Taylor, Author, "Becoming Us"
“EXCELLENT BOOK!! I found myself thinking over and over, ‘I can do that. Success comes to those who work hard, look for opportunities, and use common-sense.’ The interview format of the book makes it easy to read and makes you feel like you are right there with the millionaires.”
— Rusty Nelson

My Story

When I started interviewing 21 millionaires, I fully expected them to validate my hypothesis on success and provide a blueprint for others to follow. What I got, however, blew my mind and my whole concept of success.

I learned lessons no business or success book I had read teaches and no guru or 'expert' had shared (and I had read lots of books and been to LOTS of seminars, listened to CDs, etc.)

I was surprised by their answers to the questions, "Did you have written down goals?" and "How did you balance family time with creating a successful business?"

What I learned changed my approach to success and it just might help you also.

Rather than sharing the same old recycled cliches on how to be successful, I share the truth about how 21 millionaires became successful, even though it doesn't match what 73 million pages of conventional wisdom and ultra-hyped marketing systems declare to be indisputable and guaranteed methods of reaching your wildest dreams.

I share the truth about what these 21 highly successful people did to get where they are. I share their successes, struggles, hopes, dreams, failures, what they would do differently. I do it without an angle, without a filter. I do it with complete disregard that it doesn't make sense compared to what we've been taught about success.

I don't have an angle. I have the truth.

I care more about sharing the unvarnished truth about success the way I learned it in these surprisingly revealing interviews.

And I want you to have it also.

— Russell, Amazon review

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“Brandon has captured the essence of what it takes for anyone to legitimately set their sights on financial independence. Common sense solutions from those that have the authority based on their having reached the objective. Great job, recommend to anyone who has ever thought how nice it would be to live with financial confidence.”
— Eric Dellinger, Amazon review

Learn how to reach your potential. Read how 21 ordinary people reached their potential. Most of them without concrete goals. Or an end in mind. Or any of the things you've probably heard are necessary to succeed.

Learn the truth about how to succeed, live your best life, and be all you were meant to be.