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As a social researcher and president of 21 for 21, a consulting company dedicated to helping people and organizations reach their potential, Brandon’s expertise is in delivering high-impact, transformative truth about peak performance. 

He interviews successful people and analyzes data about successful organizations and presents his findings in books, keynote speeches, and unique training engagements. 

His book 21 Questions for 21 Millionaires explores the surprising reality of how ordinary people create extraordinary success. His second book, 21 Questions for 21 Olympians, will also contain surprising data about how the world’s best athletes perform. A soon to be released online course will focus on 21 common tactics of bullies and how to effectively respond.

He earned an MBA in Healthcare Management and holds a Bachelors Degree in Organizational Leadership, with a specialization in HR and Organizational Development - he says that’s just a long title that means he learned how to keep people coming back to work without using shock therapy.